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Various Crosswalks throughout the nation....
October 31, 2010 - what a day to claim back from Satan - Cross Walk through the City of Monroe, 4PM till 9PM Bring Shofars.

 Greeting Saints,
Just confirming the time of the Cross walk through Monroe on the 31st of October. We are coordinating our time to the other cross walkers throughout the State to be at 3PM till about 5PM that Sunday afternoon that day. Paw Paw will also start at 3 PM that afternoon. (Please contact me for further info if you can make the Paw Paw Cross Walk.)
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We have a team from Toledo coming up to carry banners and blow shofars. We should have about 10 of us all togather here. We will be keeping you informed about other ministries doing the same on that day.
My sincere apologies to those who may have been offended by this quick move. The Lord doesn't really give me a schedule sometimes.
For those who may not be able to attend, please pray for us that the Lord will do as He has spoken to me and take the day back for Himself and that Satan will not be glorified through this Heathen practice of witchcraft.

Mic 5:12 And I will cut off witchcrafts out of thine hand; and thou shalt have no more soothsayers:
Mic 5:13 Thy graven images also will I cut off, and thy standing images out of the midst of thee; and thou shalt no more worship the work of thine hands.
Mic 5:14 And I will pluck up thy groves out of the midst of thee: so will I destroy thy cities.
Mic 5:15 And I will execute vengeance in anger and fury upon the heathen, such as they have not heard.
Please hear the Lord's heart on this. We must make a stand. If not now, when? Love cast out all fear, but if love is not out on the streets countering the evil and hate that has deceived a great nation such as the US then what can we say for ourselves on the day of judgment. The trumpet has been sounded!
Much love to you all, and thank you for not killing the messenger! (laugh out loud)
In His eternal service,
Brother William Hodge

Hey team,
We will be walking the Cross through Monroe, Sunday the 31st of October. We will be starting on the corner of Jones and M125 (Monroe St.) Krogers parking lot. We will walk north through town sounding the shofars and praying.      Would encourage banners and other signs to encourage the Saints in Monroe to rise up in this hour and take back the day. This is an offensive move and must be done. We have been in a fight for quite awhile now and need to rally around the Cross again to remind everyone of what we are on this planet for in the first place.

Come prepared to walk, we will be doing a lot of praying and also have several tracts to hand out as well.  I am very serious about this walk and I know it must be done.
Please let me know if you are able to be here so we can prepare.
In His eternal service,
Brother William Hodge
 October 19, 2010 2:03:03 PM EDT
Subject: Cross Walk in your City

This is a follow up message to the "Cross Walk" event in Monroe, Michigan on the 31st of October (Sunday).
Just got to thinking, why can't we all make a simple cross and walk through our own cities on the 31st of October? Just got a call from Paw Paw, and Ecorse, Michigan. They are going to do this in their communities. You have two weeks to prepare. Why should the enemy of our souls have a day? What has Satan ever done for us? It is time to reclaim the day for Jesus!
All it would take is one to take a couple of two by fours and form a cross or several crosses for that matter, mix in some shofars and banners and stay on the sidewalk as you walk through your city (it's public - a legal and safe area).
We are walking the Cross through Monroe on that day for those who did not get my previous email and we will be sounding shofars and carrying banners and giving out tracts. We will be praying for the city and those who stop us for prayer. Please pray about this and get back with me so we can see where the crosses will be on that day.
And as always, do this in love. Do not argue with anyone, Let the Cross speak for itself. 

In His eternal service,
Brother William Hodge    

The following was an invite to Paw Paw's Walk
Dwelling Place Worship & Prayer Ministries is hosting "aCROSS Paw Paw/Van Buren Co." at 3pm on 10-31-10.  Other CROSS walks are taking place throughout Michigan and even in Sacramento, CA.  We will all meet at Dwelling Place [221 Oak Street, Paw Paw, MI 49079] at approximately 2:30pm for prayer.  We will then take our large cross and carry it up and down Red Arrow Hwy for the width of the village of Paw Paw, which should take us until approximately 5pm.
The Lord has instructed us to do this on the day our enemy and his deceived army of darkness is most active.  The enemy thinks he has blinded the people of God with apathy and that he will get away with his little false celebration...(right before election day??? Hmmmmm.)  Walking and carrying this Cross is symbolic of what took place at 3PM on the day of our Lord's crucifixion: Luke 23:46 & John 19:30 [the ninth hour; 3pm] And when Jesus had cried out with a loud voice, He said, "Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit." and "IT IS FINISHED!" Having said this, He breathed His last.
The Lord has also intructed that we stand on Colossians 2:13-15, which reminds us that Jesus has forgiven us and made us alive in Him, and wiped out the handwriting of requirements which were against us, "And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross.  HAVING DISARMED PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS, HE MADE A PUBLIC SPECTACLE OF THEM, TRIUMPHING OVER THEM IN IT [the work of the cross & resurrection!]"
IT'S TIME TO REMIND PEOPLE OF THE CROSS, and Jesus Christ/Perfect Love Who came and died in our place on it, that our relationship with our Father could be restored!!!  Its also time to REMIND SATAN OF THE CROSS, THAT BY IT HE IS DISARMED, AND MAKE A PUBLIC SPECTACLE OF HIM AGAIN!!!
Join us, if you are led, on 10-31-10.  If you are unable to join us, we bless you in whatever the Lord has called you to do for His Kingdom that day.  Perhaps He will lead you to facilitate a Cross walk in your own city!  And feel free to pass on this invitation to those with a heart for Jesus Christ.
In Christ Alone,
Pastors Rick and Laurie L. Boyd, Apostolic Ministers & Founders,
Dwelling Place Worship & Prayer Ministries, Paw Paw, Van Buren County, MI


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