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About Good Tree Ministry International Fellowship

Jesus birthed Good Tree Ministry International Fellowship in 1991. At this time, Bill Hodge was working with Youth for Christ in Bradenton, Florida and as a Christian D.J. for Sarasota's WKZM 105.5 FM.

God got my attention...         Brother Bill continues ... 

He brought me out of my own little kingdom  drawing me closer  to Him, thus starting me on my journey of serving His Kingdom.  Coming from a career in youth development and the Criminal Justice system, I was not sure what He had planned for me, but I raised my hand.  I said; "Here I am Lord, use me!" 


It was the Summer of 1991.  I was on my way to minister in a migrant workers camp north of Palmetto, Florida with a dear brother in the Lord.  As we drove by an orange grove, my brother pointed to a very large and beautiful orange tree full of oranges.  He told me, I was like that orange tree.  When I asked him to explain, he stated, "I was a good tree and that God was growing good fruit on me" ( Matthew: 7:17 ).


It did not make sense to me then.  Yet, I never forgot those prophetic words spoken by a brother in Christ, who was able to see me with the eyes of Jesus. 

I then returned to Lansing, Michigan to continue in the wondrous upward call of Christ. 

I pressed on, giving Him glory during these first ten years of my adult life.

Prompted by the Holy Spirit eight years later, I chose to become an ordained minister and certified Senior Chaplain (John 15:15-16)

As hands were laid on me by two powerful men of God (by Pastors, one from Nigeria, and the other from Mexico), I felt the call to take Jesus to the streets of Lansing.   While in prayer one day, I received a vision from the Lord.  The vision showed me a sandwich board with praying hands on the front.  It had the words, "Can we pray for you?"  I shared this vision with my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord.  At first, they were cautious and then became excited.   pic
On an August afternoon, we ventured out on the streets and ended up praying for several folks.  We agreed to go back out at the end of the month.  To our surprise, we encountered individuals we had met before.  Those we had prayed with earlier testified.  Our prayers for them had been answered. 
You would think we would have kept fired up.  However, Satan has plenty of ways to get the Body of Christ full of doubt and fear or too busy to do God's work.  The rest of the prayer team decided not to go out anymore.  For a time, I did the work by myself, until discouragement got the best of me, as well.
After much prayer and the encouragement of a few brothers in the Lord, God got me back out on the streets.  One thing led to the next and Good Tree Ministry was established. 
As the ministry started out, we were very small and very busy.   As a few of us remained faithful to the calling of street  ministry, more ministers were added to our team.  Those on the team have increased in boldness in the Holy Spirit, as we have seen more and more of God's supernatural power released.  The turn-about testimonies of those touched are almost unbelievable, they're so wonderful.  We've seen countless salvations, answered prayers, amazing healings, and deliverances, as we've just spent time walking with Jesus.  I now plan to continue this kind of ministry until He tells me otherwise.

Storming the Streets with the Gospel
The ministry has grown, we now have over 100 certified and ordained chaplains with the ministry.  They come from various walks of life and denominations.  We firmly believe the Lord is uniting His Body in these days to do a greater work, so we are very busy training and sending laborers into the field. 
We have been faithful to preach and teach on the streets of every major city here in Michigan.  We will continue to do so until the Lord tells us otherwise. 

I firmly believe  Christians have a duty to stand in the gap for others in these troublesome days.  This is our call and our duty as Ambassadors of the Kingdom of God  (Ezekiel chapters 33 & 34; John 15:16 ; Matthew 28:19 ; Luke 14: 23 ; John 17:21 and 2 Corinthians 5:20). 

And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in. Isaiah 58:12