Frank, Apologetics Minister, has put in more than 35 years into biblical studies.He has some powerful teachings on many topics as well as the book of John and Acts.Some of his lessons are available for you to downloadable for your further study.  He can contact him at

Frank's Story - His Testimony

A Homophobic Church Should Be An Oxymoron

Apologists - Please Do Not Apologize for Poor Ole God

Are You Following Jesus This Closely?  The Danger of Getting Closer to God

Back to Basics

Bible Understanding - "Rightly Divide the Word" - God's Word Was Given by Revelation and is Meant to be Received by Revelation

Christian, You're Already Ordained

The Downward Slide of Our Culture is Documented by a Change In Advertising

God Abhors Much of What Men Adore

How To Avoid Intellectual Idolatry

How To Avoid The Idolatry Of Untruth

I Have Seen God's Word Proved True: What God Does When His People Are Wrongly Accused

Intercession and Intercessor Purity - Take the Crossroad to More Effective Intercession

Are We Lovers of Self More Than Lovers of God?

Love Your Neighbor, as Yourself?  Careful, Don't Wound Your Neighbor!

To Be or Not to Be: The People of God Have a Choice to be Prophetic

Plus and Negative Patterns in Acts of the Apostles: Which Will You Live Out?

Modern Idolatries?  Now Showing in Our Own Backyards!

Reforming Our Thinking about Jesus' Plans: Our Role in God's Call to Arms

Old Testament and New Testament Proof the LORD Has a Triune Nature

The Power of Agreeing with God and Other Christians

Prescription For Doubt

Regarding "Negative Humor," I would not have you be ignorant.

Stop Pointing with Your Finger

The Danger of Being Against a Work of the Spirit and Aren't You Extremely Tired of Hearing What God Isn't Doing?

The Evangelist's Safety Net 

How Are We Commanded to Go?

Timothy Had to be Told Twice

Truth - You Can't Handle the Truth!

What Are We Saved From and To

What Time Is It, Saints?  Do You Know? 

Who Turned Out The Lights?